How to Choose Your Pillow

If you want to sleep soundly at night, then you have to make sure that you practice proper sleeping posture. Well, finding the right pillow is the key to achieving this.

With the right pillow, you can get the support that you need to keep your body in proper alignment and you won’t also wake up with headache.

The Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Choose the Right Pillow

You already know that not all pillows are created equal. But if there’s one thing that you should know, it is the fact that choosing the best pillow is a matter of personal preference.

That is why this article won’t tell you what the characteristics you should look for are. Instead, it will give you the three essential questions that you should ask yourself to find the best pillow for your needs. Here are some of them:

  • What’s your sleeping position?

Do you like your pillow fluffy, soft or firm? Before you answer that, you may want to answer this question first—how do you sleep? Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach? The answer to this can help you figure out which type of pillow you need.

How do you sleep

How do you sleep

If you sleep on your back, a medium firm pillow will gently prop up your neck and head, supporting the natural curvature of your spine.

If you sleep on your side, a firm pillow can follow the contour of your body and cradle your head and neck area.

If you sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow will keep your head in place and prevent it from turning too much on either side.

  • Do you have an allergy to feathers?

The answer to this can help you choose which type of fill material you can use. If you are allergic to feathers, it is best that you opt for a pillow with either a synthetic or poly-cluster fill.

If you don’t have any allergies, then you can go with whatever fill material will make you feel the most comfortable. Here are your options:


If you want a soft and comfortable pillow, the best material for you would be down. In addition to its comfort factor, this type of material retains warmth—one feature that you would want during cold nights.

However, down may cause allergies too but there is a workaround that you can try. You can use a pillow with down fill material that has been specially cleaned to remove the common allergens.

You can also use a hypoallergenic cover to protect yourself from possible allergies.

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Memory Foam

This is one of the most advanced fill materials being used today. This material conforms to the shape of your head when you lie down on it and return to its original form when you stand up. Because of this feature, this fill material is suitable for combination sleepers or people who toss and turn at night.

Memory foam also distributes weight evenly, making it a suitable choice for people with spinal and neck problems.

Memory foam also distributes weight evenly

Memory foam also distributes weight evenly

However, this benefit comes with a price. In short, memory foam pillows are not as affordable as all the other options that you have.


This is the most affordable fill material of all. Moreover, polyester pillows are supportive and firm enough to hold its shape well.

The sad part is, it is the least durable fill material of all.

Buckwheat Hulls

This option is eco-friendly and natural. Another benefit of this material is its shape-conforming abilities which are highly useful for combination sleepers.

The downside of this fill material is its noise.

  • What is the size of your bed?

After you have figured out the first two questions, the next thing that you should think of is the size of your bed. This will determine how many pillows you need to pile on your bed.

If you have either a twin or twin XL bed, a standard sized pillow will do. If you have a double or queen bed, you would need two standard or queen-sized pillows. For people with a King or California King– sized bed, you would need either two king-sized pillows or three standard or queen-sized pillows.

To make sure that you will choose the right pillow, you must be aware of the common pillow mistakes stated in this video:

In Summary

There you have it—all your questions on how to choose your pillow answered. I do hope that after answering the questions mentioned, you will be able to find the perfect pillow for you.

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