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How to Thicken Hair

If we had things our way, we would have thick and full-bodied hair. But what if we tell you that you can have things your way? What if we said to you that there are some things that you can do on how to thicken hair? Yes, there are! These are as follows:

Take some vitamins.

No matter how healthy your diet is, this sad fact remains: you will not be able to consume all the dietary requirements that you need. This is why it is best that you take some supplements.

Some vitamins and nutrients play a significant role in the growth of your hair

Some vitamins and nutrients play a significant role in the growth of your hair

With that in mind, you should understand that some vitamins and nutrients play a significant role in the growth of your hair. These include Biotin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B3, Iron, and Calcium.

Apply castor oil to your hair.

If you want to make your hair thicker, one oil that you should take advantage of is castor oil. This oil is recommended because it contains ricinoleic acid, fatty acids, vitamin E, and Omega 3. These work together to nourish the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Massage castor oil into your scalp using rotating movements. If you found the oil to be too thick, you can thin it out by mixing it with coconut oil.

Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner.

One tried-and-tested method of thickening the hair is using shampoos and conditioners that are formulated to thicken the hair. When choosing volumizing products, look for ones that contain proteins such as rice, corn, and other starches. You should also look for amino acids in the product’s ingredient label.

Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner

Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner

Tease your hair.

Hair teasing has been used since the 70’s due to the simple reason that it works amazing when it comes to volumizing the hair. When teasing the hair, get a brand new toothbrush and use it to tease your hair at the roots.

Cut your hair.

The longer your hair is, the higher the chances that it will look limp. This is most especially true if you have thin air. To create the illusion of thicker hair, it is recommended that you go for short to medium length hair.

Brush your hair.

Brushing is not just done to keep your hair looking neat. Another essence of brushing is it helps distribute the natural oils of our head from the scalp to the strands. This will facilitate the growth of the hair, helping it to look thicker and healthier. The best type of brush that you can use for this purpose would be the boar bristle brush.

Another essence of brushing is it helps distribute the natural oils of our head from the scalp to the strands

Another essence of brushing is it helps distribute the natural oils of our head from the scalp to the strands

In Summary

In addition to perfect and flawless skin, one more thing that we all want is thick and luscious hair.

If you have always envied those women and men on shampoo and hair product commercials because of their long and thick hair, you are now given the chance to be like them too. When you use all of these tips, you can grow and thicken your hair without any need for transplants and other hair treatments.

How to Have Perfect Skin

Thankfully, a lot of people already have done the research before us. They were also already able to weed out the useful tips from the bad ones. And what we will present to you in this article are the most effective ones. Here they are:


This is the simplest yet most effective way to achieve perfect skin. With proper hydration and nutrition, you can keep your skin moisturized, plump and radiant. After all, skin is made mainly of water, and the best way to maintain its health is to replenish its water content. Moreover, water helps to flush out the toxin that tends to damage our skin.

If you do not drink enough water, your skin may get dehydrated and will look dry, tight and flaky over time.

Hydrate is the simplest yet most effective way to achieve perfect skin

Hydrate is the simplest yet most effective way to achieve perfect skin

To prevent that from happening, you should drink at least 3 liters of water per day. Moreover, you should incorporate fruits and vegetables that have high water content in your diet. These include watermelon, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and many more.

Cleanse, tone, moisturize on a regular basis.

If you want to keep your skin looking healthy, you should practice the basic skin care regimen, and this involves only three steps—cleanse, tone and moisturize.

You can cleanse your skin using a gentle cleanser that will not dry your skin. On the other hand, a toner can help even out the color of your skin and address any dark or discolored spots that you may have. Last but not the least, moisturizing helps to boost your skin’s hydration and keep it plump, soft, and glowing.

Use sun protection.

Yet another simple skin care step that you should not neglect is applying sunscreen. This is important because too much sun exposure can damage and dehydrate your skin. If you don’t protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, it will get dark, dry, and wrinkly.

Yet another simple skin care step that you should not neglect is applying sunscreen

Yet another simple skin care step that you should not neglect is applying sunscreen

If applying sun protection separately can be a bit of a hassle for you, you can just choose moisturizer or makeup products that contains a minimum SPF of 50.

Aside from wearing sunscreen, you should also use extra protection like wearing hats, long sleeves and other protective clothing.

Get some beauty sleep.

You may be hearing this phrase all the time. Yes, there is such a thing as beauty sleep. When you get enough sleep (8 hours or more), your skin will have enough time to recover, keeping your skin glowing and beautiful. This can also help prevent the formation of dark circles that are making you look old and tired.

Enjoy a facial massage.

Now and then, try to get a facial massage. The pressure from the massage can promote proper blood circulation and facilitate lymphatic drainage that can flush out the toxins that are making your skin look blotchy and fatigued.

Remove makeup before you go to sleep.

The biggest skincare mistake that you can ever commit is leaving your makeup on at night. When left overnight, the makeup residue along with dirt and pollution can clog the pores of your skin which is the leading cause of breakouts and skin inflammation.

Remove makeup before you go to sleep

Remove makeup before you go to sleep

To thoroughly remove your makeup, you should quickly clean your skin using makeup remover pads. Once you are assured that you have already removed most of the makeup residue on your face, you can proceed with using a mild facial cleanser to get rid of the dirt and pollution in your face.

Wash your face with lukewarm water.

Hot water can be a bit harsh to the skin and may strip it of its natural oils and cause skin dryness in the long run. You can enjoy a warm shower, but when it comes to washing your face, you should use lukewarm water.

In Summary

Getting a perfectly beautiful skin is a long and tedious process. But with the right knowledge, tips, lots of dedication and motivation, flawless and perfect skin is just a few steps away.

Keep in mind that your skin is exposed to harmful elements at all times and that is why it is essential that you take good care of it by following the tips that we have provided.

How to get rid of dead skin on feet

How to Get Rid of Dead Skin on Feet

After all, your feet are subjected to abuse on a regular basis. You walk with it, run with it and jump with it. Moreover, it is usually exposed to different harmful elements that are causing the accumulation of dead skin.

While it is impossible for you to prevent the development of callouses, the good news is there are plenty of things that you can do to get rid of it. These are as follows:

  • Enjoy a foot soak.

If you want to bring your feet back to its former glory, you need to break down its dead skin cells. The best and most relaxing way to do that is through a warm foot soak. The water can soften and loosen the dead skin and seep into the cracks under your feet.

Enjoy a foot soak

Enjoy a foot soak

If you want to maximize the effects of your foot soak, you can add other feet softening agents like coconut oil. Do this on a regular basis, and you can certainly solve your dead feet skin in no time.

  • Scrub hardened areas using a pumice stone.

Pumice stones are the most common foot care accessory, and this is due to plenty of good reasons! The rough surface of a pumice stone can scrub away dead skin cells without causing any damage to the skin.

But of course, you would need to make sure that you use the pumice stone correctly. Before you proceed with scrubbing your feet, it is essential that you soak your feet in warm water first to soften it. Let it soak for a few minutes. After that, soak the stone in water. Doing this will help the stone to slide smoothly against your skin.

Rub the affected area gently in circular motions. Make sure not to press the stone against your feet too hard to avoid bruising or blistering.

  • Upgrade your pedicure with a paraffin wax treatment.

A lot of salons are now offering paraffin wax as an add-on to their pedicure treatments, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of it.

Paraffin is a type of wax that melts at a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be dipping your feet in this melted wax solution. When your feet are already covered with layers of wax, it will be wrapped in cling wrap.

Upgrade your pedicure with a paraffin wax treatment

Upgrade your pedicure with a paraffin wax treatment

Once the wax hardens, the wrap and wax removed. Any dead skin cells in your feet will be removed along with the hardened wax.

But please keep in mind that this treatment is not recommended if you have a poor blood circulation, loss of feeling in your feet or open sore or rashes on your feet.

  • Exfoliate your feet regularly.

Dead skin cells have become a growing problem for many people, and that is why foot scrubs have become increasingly popular. This treatment helps to slough off dead skin cells from your feet. When you do this on a regular basis, you will not just be able to get rid of dead skin cells; you get to prevent their development as well.

When choosing foot scrub products, you should go for ones that contain nourishing and moisturizing products like essential oils, fruit and vegetable extracts.

  • Treat cracked heels using homemade solutions.

If you have neglected your feet for far too long already, then your feet must already probably have cracks on them. If that’s the case, then you should try additional treatments that are designed to cracked heels. These are as follows:

– Vaseline

Massage this product into your feet at night then cover it up with socks to seal moisture in.

Massage Vaseline product into your feet

Massage Vaseline product into your feet

– Oatmeal

Mix 1 tablespoon of oatmeal with a few drops of jojoba oil to form a paste. Apply the mixture to your feet and leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse it afterward.

– Rice Flour

Mix 3 tablespoons of rice flour with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons of honey. Let it stay on your feet for 15 minutes then rinse it off.

Final Words

Callouses and dead skin are the banes of our existence. It makes our feet feel hard and dry and look ugly. But with proper foot maintenance and some tips on how to get rid of dead skin feet, you will surely solve this recurring problem of yours.